Dean Rohwer DDS

Patient driven dentistry

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Below are some before and after examples of our dentistry. Also feel free to click on the Instagram icon on the top of this page to follow Dr. Rohwer and see more examples of his work.

The dentistry seen on this page was performed by Dr. Rohwer. Unfortunately you will often see before and after pictures on corporate websites that are dentistry not performed by them. That is NOT the case here.

Dental Background

Dr. Rohwer has been practicing dentistry in Arizona since 1998 after graduating from the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. He started working in a private practice in south Phoenix and for a small dental corporation in Ahwatukee. When the small dental corporation was bought by a large dental corporation, he saw a change in the atmosphere of that office. The corporate focus went from providing quality work to maximizing profits for the company. This included pressure sales, hiring inexperienced employees, and using cheap dental supplies. This was not what Dr. Rohwer signed up for. So in 2002 he opened Parkside Dental Health and has been here ever since. Opening his own practice allowed him to perform the quality of dentistry he wanted to provide and build a trusting relationship with his patients.

Our Dentistry by Dr. Rohwer

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