Dentistry and Life

You may wonder why a dentist would have chocolate shown so prominently on his website. Is he encouraging people to eat candy to drum up business? Is it some kind of sugar free chocolate? Wonder if it tastes yucky?

The answer to those questions is no. This chocolate is Belgium Milk Chocolate and it melts in your mouth, it has plenty of sugar, and it tastes delicious. And as for the dentist, the theme is more about dentistry and life. See, Dr. Rohwer has a sweet tooth. Don’t tell the other dentists. They might scorn him. The chocolate represents a philosophy. Dentistry is important because it enhances a quality of life. Its the quality of life that is most important. We won’t preach to you telling you never to eat something that you enjoy. We may encourage moderation at times, but our philosophy is to help you keep your teeth strong, fix them when needed, and help you keep them so they don’t prevent you from enjoying life. Healthy teeth and gums are important for speaking, eating, smiling, socializing, kissing, and tasting the sweet things in life like an occasional piece of chocolate!