A Dentist Who Doesn’t Hide Behind His Website.

If you have spent any time looking at dental websites, hopefully you notice that ours is different. We don’t hide behind it, we try to reveal who we are. It is not a cookie-cutter design filled with stock photos of anonymous pretty people smiling.

Our website is different because it written and created by Dr. Rohwer and his staff. It is not created by a professional web-designer and our text isn’t as polished as that written by a professional copy-writer. We apologize for the occasional typo you might find, but we are glad that we can explain who we are. We doubt any other website will give you a better feel for the dental office than ours will.

Additionally, our photos are not taken by professional photographers. They are not edited, air-brushed, retouched, or taken in a professional studio with professional lighting. These photos are of our dental work and are taken by us. Our photos are not edited or altered other than occasionally cropping of a photo to make it fit in the website. We do not take them in a special studio, or with professional lighting. We don’t have our patients see a professional makeup artist for their “after” photos. What you see is what you get!

We love dentistry and we love doing our best to help people. We love making people smile. We love fixing teeth whether it is a simple filling in a tooth or a full smile makeover.

Dr. Rohwer and his son Jake enjoying a snowy day in northern Arizona. We are all about smiles.

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